How To Test My Internet Speed

Some internet users do not care about how fast is my internet, because they are already happy with the speed they are getting. On the first day when people get their new internet connection they think about what is my internet speed? And they go online and search how to check my internet speed and test their internet speed. But doing an internet speed test on regular basis is important for many reasons. Internet speed test on regular basis allows you to check if your internet provider is delivering the speed they offered or not. For example, if you were offered a download speed of upto 10 Mbps and an upload speed upto 4 Mbps.

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Another reason to perform downloading speed test is to check the reliability of your internet connection. Especially if you if you are a blogger, freelancer or run a business on internet, you will always think about what is a good internet speed? so it is important to have a reliable internet connection followed by a high speed if you want to work on your communication requirements. In the past if you have a question about what is my internet speed, you simply download a file into your computer and check the time with a stop watch, but upload speed was another story.

But know, if you are having a slow internet or just have a thought about let’s test my internet speed or if you are watching a movie on Netflix and want to do a Netflix speed test then you are at right place. Above we have the best internet speed checker and Ptcl speed test tool to check your internet speed. All you need to do is click start and our internet speed meter will show you the speed you are getting. But the most amazing thing is that it’s totally free. If you love our free tool then please do not forget to share our website.

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