Charter Speed Test

Charter Communications is the US fastest growing Telecommunication Company. Charter Communication provides TV cable, Internet Connection, and Voice Call services. The company is committed to providing high-quality services and entertainment with its communication products. Charter is providing its services in more than 41 states of the United States which includes more than 26 million business and residential customers. Charter speed test tool is a tool for Charter internet users to check their internet speed.

High-Quality Services

Over the years, Charter has invested billions of dollars to provide the top-quality products and to give superior, reliable, consistent services to provide value to its customers. Charter customers can enjoy the most HD TV channels, On-Demand videos, and ultra-fast internet service.

Charter provides the following services to its household and business customers under the brand name "Charter".

Charter TV

Charter TV is the best HD TV service in the United States. Charter provides better HD TV service than any other Cable TV provider in the United States. It provides DVR service and you will get instant access to hundreds of On-Demand Videos, most of them in HD. You can watch and record Live TV shows, download movies, with Charter TV app.

Charter Internet & Charter Speed Test

Charter Internet is one of the fastest Internet providers in the United States with a starting speed of 100 Mbps. Internet speed may vary in different areas, so you can perform a charter speed test to compare the exact speed with your assigned internet package. The speed depends on the package you chose. With Charter Internet, users can watch HD Netflix videos without slags. A Charter internet user can download music, watch online videos at a super-fast speed. Charter provides free internet modem to use in-home Wi-Fi, with their internet connection. Charter always provides unlimited data packages without any data cap or extra charges, so a user can freely use the internet without any limitations.

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Charter Voice

Charter Voice is a voice call service which includes local and long-distance call plans. It is a fully functional service which includes all essential call features. Charter is one of the largest local phone call services in the United States. Charter is serving almost 10 million voice customers throughout the United States.

Charter Business

Charter Business deals help the SMEs to get better services and output with the help of super-fast internet. It also provides all networking solutions to the Small and medium enterprises which includes networking devices, modems, Ethernet cables, voice, and data sharing solutions. Customers can get all of the essential services which are required for a growing business.

Charter Enterprise Solutions

Charter Enterprise Solutions provide business to business networking solutions and trading activities of the company focused on obtaining benefits from the provision of services to other companies that consume these products and services for their own business. The best solution for large corporations is to provide the cloud storage for their voice, videos, and other business databases which will keep them safe and it will be a lifetime backup for the large organizations. The solutions provide the level of interoperability of networks necessary to speed up the process of exchanging information and simplifying the maintenance process. New generation firewalls by Charter Enterprise solutions for medium and large enterprises provide the highest network protection and speed up application performance.

How to Use Charter Speed Test Tool?

To do a charter speed test you need to visit and click on start. This automatic tool will start analyzing your data and then it will show you your download and upload speed with your ip address.

Charter Community Solutions

Charter Community Solutions give modified, commanded Wi-Fi, TV and voice call services to private residential and other multi-staying units by means of fiber networking connections. Charter Fiber Wi-Fi conveys the quickest, most imperative internet speed with more transmission capacity and no data limits. Nowadays, the fast and unlimited internet is one of the major factors for any person to get success in the respective field.

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